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Archivo otros artículos de TCT / Knutsen, Modelling of sea lice in salmonids


Knutsen Ø. et al. Modelling of sea lice in salmonids.



Many Norwegian coastal areas have high concentrations of salmon farms and sea lice is a problem for aquaculture and wild salmon. Romsdalsfjorden is such an are where there are good data for sea lice at locations over several years. We use a high resolution hydrodynamic model (SINMOD) coupled to a population model for sea lice at each of the aquacuture locations to simulate dispersion of sea lice.This population model estimates the developement of lice on fish and the production rate of eggs. Once the eggs hatch and nauplii are released into the water, they are spread by the hydrodynamic model and their developement into infectious copepodids and vertical behaviour is controlled by another sea lice model for the pelagic stages. Smolt will travel through this 3D field of sea lice concentration and we can investigate the lice pressure they experience on their way to the open ocean.

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